The Loop Newspaper

The Magazine that thinks it's a newspaper. For kids who are into everything and anything. Creative quarterly published by Bolt Editions in London. Available to buy on online, subscriptions, and in stores including, Foyles, Review and the Fruit Market Gallery. Postage of the newspaper available for the UK, EU and Internationally.

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THE LOOP ISSUE 1: In the first issue there are extraordinary tales on everything from tongue-shredding mutant tomatoes to dogs in space, as well as a 'who’s who?' of mythical characters and a sideways look at an alternative world where boys wear skirts. Also, you, the readers, are invited to participate in hands-on arts and crafts activities as well as writing and arts projects.

Writers: Emma Booth / Sanami Chikira / Stefanie Ellwanger / Tony Comley / Rachel Elliott / Victor Gold / Hackney Pirates / Nico Jaspers / Michael Heinze / Anna Meredith / Elli Moody / Vedita Ramdoss / Laura Woitkewitsch

Illustrators & Photographers: Mathilde Aubier / Mili Banerjee / Luke Best / Claudia Boldt / Sato Hisao / Clémence Joly / Katharina Koall / Martina Langschartner / Eleanor Meredith / Katrin Stangl / Peteris Lidaka / Damien Poulain